29th June 2020


Is given or was given?

'Was given' is the required structure, formed by the past tense verb 'was' + past participle (given). Hence option C is correct. Option A: 'Were' is a plural verb whereas the subject 'A treat' is singular.

Likewise, people ask, were given or was given?

You were given a reading assignment in English. He was given a big bowl of rice. The waitress gave it to him.

Watch this video for additional instruction:
You were givenYou were given
He was given
She was givenThey were given
It was given

One may also ask, was gave or was given?

In this example 'gave' is used to refer a period of time of past (a single action in the recent past) when a book was given him by me. So 'given' is used here to mention the present time. This is an example of Present Perfect Tense. Given is also used in passive voice as participle form of 'give'.

What is the passive form of to walk?

The verb is 'walk'. The passive voice of the imperative follows the pattern: Let+object+ be+ past participle form of verb. The past participle form of the verb is 'walked'.

Who give or gives?

is that give is (may take two objects) to move, shift, provide something abstract or concrete to someone or something or somewhere while gives is (give).
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