17th September 2018


Is Fiji safe?

Fiji is a very safe place for travellers and common sense is all you really need to ensure a safe and happy holiday. That said, Fiji isn't immune to crime and occasionally tourists are targeted. It is worth keeping the following in mind. When you're in Nadi or Suva do not walk around at night, even in a group.

Furthermore, do you need a visa to visit PNG?

Visas. You need a visa to enter Papua New Guinea. Tourists can get a visa free of charge on arrival. Entry requirements can change so check the latest information with the Papua New Guinea Immigration & Citizenship Authority before travelling.

Is Honiara safe?

Foreigners have been attacked at knifepoint, including at popular beaches near Honiara. Avoid being alone in areas without security officers, particularly if you're female. See Safety and security. You could encounter political violence and civil unrest in Solomon Islands.

Who does Papua New Guinea belong to?

The mainland of the country is the eastern half of New Guinea island, where the largest towns are also located, including Port Moresby (capital) and Lae; other major islands within Papua New Guinea include New Ireland, New Britain, Manus and Bougainville.
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