2nd October 2019


Is engagement the same as marriage?

The engagement is the period of time between when the man and woman agree to get married and the occurrence of the wedding ceremony itself. A wedding is not the same thing as marriage either. The wedding is the formal ceremony that makes the marriage official.

Thereof, what do you mean by betrothal?

A betrothal is an engagement, a promise to marry. If you want to sound fancy when you're about to get married, just mention your betrothal, preferably to a duke or duchess. After a proposal has been accepted, a couple will announce their betrothal to their friends and family. The couple is then betrothed to each other.

How is the intention to marry announced?

The intention to marry must be announced in the church three times; that is, on three consecutive Sundays or holy days, in the same parish. Any marriage not published before-hand is considered clandestine, and illegal. There is no set form of wedding invitation.
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