30th June 2020


Is Corona Extra good beer?

Corona is one of the best-known names in today's beer world and Corona Extra is the flagship of the brand. It is #1 on the list of best-selling imports on the U.S. market and while many drinkers love its refreshing taste, it is definitely not a favorite among serious beer drinkers.

So, is Corona and Corona Extra the same?

Extra is listed at 4.6% ABV, with 18 IBU's, and is touted as being a balance between heavier European import lager, and lighter domestic beer. Meanwhile, Corona Familiar is listed as 4.8% ABV, with 19.5 IBU's, and is described as having “a slightly fuller flavor” than what Corona is known for.

One may also ask, why is Corona beer so popular?

Why is Corona beer so popular? In part it is because the marketing for Corona is very effective in creating demand, and in part (in my personal opinion) because many Corona drinkers tend to uncritically slug it down without giving it much thought - it is an inoffensive beer to many.

What does Corona Familiar mean?

Corona Familiar is another great addition to the Corona family. Corona Familiar tastes like Corona Extra – but with a richer flavor. Corona Familiar is a bright golden-colored lager beer with a clean, refreshing taste finished with a delicate hop bitterness.

Is there a drink called Corona?

Corona was a brand of carbonated soft drink produced by Thomas & Evans Ltd in South Wales, and distributed across the United Kingdom. Corona was sold to the Beecham Group in 1958 and subsequently to Britvic, but stopped trading as a brand in the late 1990s.
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