6th October 2019


Is ch4 a molecular or ionic compound?


Regarding this, is methane polar covalent or nonpolar covalent?

The molecule methane has four Carbon-Hydrogen single covalent bonds. These covalent bonds are called nonpolar covalent bonds because. The consequence of this equal sharing of electrons is that there is no charge separation (dipole moment). Compare this to polar covalent bonds.

Is ch4 a covalent or ionic?

Yes ch4 is a covalent compound . Carbon has 4 valency and 4 hydrogen share electrons with 1 carbon and form 4 covalent bonds .Hope this helps . yes, CH4 is a covalent compound for being ionic the electronegativity of hydrogen is 2.2 and carbon is 2.55.

How can you tell if a bond is ionic or covalent?

There is a couple different ways to determine if a bond is ionic or covalent. By definition, an ionic bond is between a metal and a nonmetal, and a covalent bond is between 2 nonmetals. So you usually just look at the periodic table and determine whether your compound is made of a metal/nonmetal or is just 2 nonmetals.
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