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Is ch3coo an acid or a base?

Acetic acid (CH3COOH) is a weak acid. In water it loses its acidic hydrogen to the water molecule as H+ ion. The acetate ion (CH3COO-) thus formed is the conjugate base of acetic acid. Since it is a strong base, the above equilibrium is overwhelmingly shifted to the left.

Accordingly, what is the kb of ch3coo?

(3 points) The acetate ion (CH3COO-) is a weak base. Write down the base-ionization equation for CH3COO- in water. b) (2 points) Complete the expression for the base-ionization constant (Kb) for CH3COO-. c) (5 points) Calculate the pH of a 0.40 M solution of CH3COO- (Ka for CH3COOH = 1.8 x 10-5).

What is the molecular mass of acetate?

PubChem CID:175
Chemical Names:Acetate; Acetate Ion; Acetic acid, ion(1-); Acetate ions; 71-50-1; Monoacetate More
Molecular Formula:CH3COO(-) or C2H3O2(-) or C2H3O2-
Molecular Weight:59.044 g/mol

What is the charge of ch3coo?

The acetate anion, CH3COO− has one negative charge. Originally Answered: What is the charge on acetate ion? An Acetate is a conjugate base of a weak acid(acetic acid).It is a negatively charged ion.
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