4th December 2019


Is c6h12o6 a molecule?

The monomers of both starch and cellulose are the same: units of the sugar glucose. Three common sugars share the same molecular formula: C6H12O6. Because of their six carbon atoms, each is a hexose.

Also, is c6h12o6 a compound or mixture?

Glucose (C6H12O6) is an organic compound composed of the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is a pure substance, and not a mixture. In glucose, the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a fixed ratio by mass, unlike in mixtures.

Is c6h12o6 an ionic or covalent compound?

5. Sucrose (table sugar), C12H22O11 is MOLECULAR or COVALENT compound, while sodium chloride (table salt) is _ an IONIC compound. 6. Carbon monoxide, CO, is an example of a diatomic molecule, while ammonia and glucose, NH3 and C6H12O6, are examples of POLYATOMIC molecules.
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