2nd October 2019


Is Blue Green?

Blue-green/bottle green is a color that is a representation of the color that is between green and blue on a typical traditional old-fashioned RYB color wheel. Blue-green belongs to the cyan family of colors. Blue-green has been a Crayola crayon color since 1930.

Thereof, what color does light green and brown make?

Orange which is made from mixing yellow and red then adding a little blue will make brown which makes it a tertiary colour. You can also make brown from green a secondary colour which is made from mixing blue and yellow and then red a primary colour which also makes it a tertiary colour.

What happens when you mix blue red and green?

The primary colors of light are red, green, and blue. If you subtract these from white you get cyan, magenta, and yellow. Mixing the colors generates new colors as shown on the color wheel, or the circle on the right. Mixing these three primary colors generates black.

What color do you add to green to make it blue?

Mixtures of light of these three colors create all of the colors that you see on the screen, including white and grey. RED + GREEN = YELLOW.
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