29th June 2020


Is Beneficial Bank a good bank?

Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank provides a good savings account. The bank itself is very accessible with online services and ATM services. The downfall of their savings accounts is that there is a $5 fee. Other than the fee, I am very happy with Beneficial Mutual Savings Accounts.

Consequently, what is beneficial bank now?

Beneficial Bank, the oldest and largest bank based in Philadelphia, is officially no more after 166 years. New owner WSFS Financial Corp. completed the rebranding and systems conversion of all Beneficial branches, offices and ATMs over the weekend.

Also Know, why are checking accounts beneficial?

Beneficial Features of Checking Accounts. A checking account allows holders to make deposits and withdrawals. The main benefit of this type of transactional accounts is that the funds deposited in them are liquid. This means that money can be withdrawn at any time and no penalties apply.

How many branches does Beneficial Bank have?

Beneficial Bank was established on April 20, 1853. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, it has assets in the amount of $4,738,000,000.

Beneficial Bank Locations & Hours.
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How much money should I keep in my checking account?

Financial experts recommend keeping one to two month's worth of spending dollars in your checking account. They suggest that the rest of your savings be placed in an emergency fund or in a savings account to earn higher interest.
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