26th November 2019


Is beer is good for your hair?

The malt and hops found in your beer are loaded with protein, which nourishes and strengthens hair. Plus, the alcohol in the beer contains B vitamins that load up your hair with shine. (They actually tighten the hair's cuticles, which makes light bounce off of your hair.

Which alcohol is good for hair?

They also provide slip to our favorite conditioners which allows us to detangle our hair better. Here is a list of the most used fatty alcohols found in hair products: Cetyl, Stearyl, Cetearyl, Myristyl, Behenyl and Lauryl. Avoid these: Alcohol denat, Ethanol, SD alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl and Propyl.

Is drinking alcohol bad for your hair?

Alcohol is a diuretic, so drinking booze causes accelerated dehydration. As a result, your hair will become dehydrated, making it brittle and dry. Because alcohol dehydrates your hair and makes it dry, your hair becomes weaker. And weak hair is more prone to split ends.
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