2nd October 2019


Is Beech Evergreen?

Beech is a deciduous tree that makes an excellent formal garden hedge. It has fresh green leaves in early spring and although it is deciduous (i.e. not evergreen), it often keeps the golden-brown leaves in the winter months providing some screening.

Just so, is a hornbeam an evergreen?

Similar in appearance to Fagus sylvatica, Carpinus makes a superb specimen tree or hedging plant, although it is semi-evergreen, it retains its coppery dead leaves throughout the winter so it remains an effective screen.

What is hornbeam wood used for?

In fact the timber is so hard it's been used as gear pegs in simple machines, including traditional windmills. It is sometimes coppiced to provide hardwood poles, and also used in parquet flooring. It has even been used to produce wooden screws.

How big do hornbeam trees grow?

Growth habit: Can be grown as a multistemmed shrub or a single-stemmed tree. More narrow and upright than European hornbeam. Tree size: 20 to 40 feet tall, 20 to 30 feet wide. Growth rate is slow, about 1 foot a year.
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