2nd October 2019


Is as400 Unix based?

The iSeries is part of IBM's eServer family, which includes Intel-, Unix- and mainframe-based server lines. On the market for over 20 years and formerly known as the AS/400, the iSeries is IBM's non-Unix, midrange server line.

Likewise, people ask, what is SAP and as400?

SAP is an ERP application and RPG is a report writing computer language that runs on the i. It's an apples to oranges comparison. Also SAP doesn't actively market or sell SAP to the AS400 platform anymore.

Is as400 ERP?

IBM iSeries AS400 ERP Software – IBM System i ERP Software. Jobscope IBM AS400 ERP software is optimized for engineer to order, make to order, job shop, and project oriented manufacturers and service contractors.

What is as 400 developer?

Report Program Generator (RPG) is the programming language traditionally associated with IBM's best-selling mid-range system, the AS/400. Over the past year, IBM has been bringing AS/400 into line with its other servers. AS/400 developers in future will use Java, XML and Websphere.
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