29th June 2020


Is appear in free?

When is this change happening? As of today, August 14, 2019, all appear.in accounts have been transitioned to Whereby.com. You will still be able to use appear.in room links up until September 1, 2019. After that point, appear.in links will no longer work and you'll need to use your whereby.com link.

In this manner, is whereby free?

Our goal with Whereby is to create a browser-based video meeting tool with an emphasis on ease of use. Currently there are three different tiers of Whereby depending on your needs: Free, Pro, and Business. All versions of the Whereby allow for fast and easy video collaboration from anywhere in the world.

One may also ask, what is appear in called now?

We're excited to share that appear.in is now Whereby! We're changing the name, but keeping the same easy video meetings you know and love. In the beginning, our name represented what our product did. Simply share a link and you can appear in your room together.

How secure is whereby?

Security. In the FREE version of the Service, users can use “Small meeting” mode (up to 4 participants). Video and audio transmitted in the Service is then sent directly between the participants in a room and is encrypted (DTLS-SRTP) with client-generated encryption keys.

How do you use whereby in a sentence?

An example of whereby used as a conjunction is in the sentence, "He was found guilty, whereby he was sentence to five years in prison" which means through finding him guilty, he was sentenced to the prison term. "Whereby." YourDictionary. LoveToKnow.
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