Is Animal Farm a dystopian novel?

Transcript of Animal Farm is dystopian novel written by George Orwell and. Animal Farm is dystopian novel written by George Orwell and was published in England in 1945. Animal Farm is about animals on a farm that dream of a better future for themselves, ones without humans and mainly their farm owner Mr. Jones.

Is Animal Farm a banned book?

Check out this year's Banned Books feature here. There are many places in the world where George Orwell's satire Animal Farm has at one point or another been banned, making reading it an act of political bravery. To say that the United States is not one of these places is an understatement.
  • Who is the protagonist in the book Animal Farm?

    The protagonist is the main character in the story, and for Animal Farm, identifying that character isn't so easy. Napoleon is a likely candidate for protagonist because he's central to many of the events in the novel, but he could also be considered an antagonist.
  • What did Moses represent in Animal Farm?

    In George Orwell's Animal Farm, Moses the raven represents organized religion, hence the name “Moses.” Like their allegorical counterparts in the Russian Revolution, the ruling pigs initially considered religion to be an enemy of the people, and an “opiate of the masses.”
  • Why is Snowball blamed for everything?

    Napoleon is based off of Stalin and like Stalin he would do anything to keep power. He blames Snowball because he wants to make himself look good and so he can't be blamed for any setbacks on the Windmill Construction and the injuries/deaths of some of the animals.

What is the genre of the book Animal Farm?

Political satire
  • Who does Snowball and Napoleon represent in Animal Farm?

    He is more intelligent than Napoleon but lacks Napoleon's depth of character. He is also a brilliant orator. Snowball, who represents Leon Trotsky, is a progressive politician and aims to improve Animal Farm with a windmill and other technological advances, but Napoleon expels him before he can do so.
  • Who did Napoleon represent in Animal Farm?

    Napoleon - The pig who emerges as the leader of Animal Farm after the Rebellion. Based on Joseph Stalin, Napoleon uses military force (his nine loyal attack dogs) to intimidate the other animals and consolidate his power. In his supreme craftiness, Napoleon proves more treacherous than his counterpart, Snowball.
  • What was the purpose of animalism in Animal Farm?

    Animalism is a communist philosophy of all of the animals being treated equal and sharing equally in both the responsibilities and rewards of the farm. The principles of Animalism are espoused by Old Major in his speech to the farm and then modified by the pigs as they see fit.

Is the book Animal Farm a fable?

A fable is usually “a brief, succinct story that is meant to impart a moral lesson” (enotes reference, fable). Orwell wrote Animal Farm to tell a cautionary tale about communism using the Russian Revolution as a backdrop. By using animals, Orwell was able to make his “fairy story” a traditional fable.
  • Is Animal Farm an allegory or a satire?

    A single work can combine elements of an allegory, fable and satire. For example, the novel "Animal Farm" by George Orwell is full of farm animal characters who represent Russian historical figures. The novel satirizes Communist ideas through the events and actions that the animals engage in on the farm.
  • Is Animal Farm considered a fairy tale?

    Orwell's Animal Farm meets the requirements of a fairy tale for several reasons. Secondly, the novellete is a beast fable which brings in the magical element found in fairy tales. Animals cannot only speak, walk around on two legs, and philosophize, but they also appear to be smarter than humans.
  • What is Juvenalian satire in literature?

    Juvenalian satire, in literature, any bitter and ironic criticism of contemporary persons and institutions that is filled with personal invective, angry moral indignation, and pessimism.

Updated: 7th October 2018

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