3rd December 2019


Is ammonia an ionic or covalent compound?

Ammonium is a polyatomic cation and contains only nonmetals. So it is possible to have nonmetals that are found in ammonium, nitrogen and hydrogen, in the form of NH4 with a positive charge, combined with anions that are negatively charged and have an ionic compound and still have no metals atoms contained in it.

Herein, what type of bond is ammonia?

Hydrogen atoms can each form one covalent bond while and nitrogen atoms can each form three covalent bonds. Three pairs of electrons are shared in an ammonia molecule (NH3)

Which is an example of an ionic compound?

Table salt is an example of an ionic compound. Sodium and chlorine ions come together to form sodium chloride, or NaCl. The sodium atom in this compound loses an electron to become Na+, while the chlorine atom gains an electron to become Cl-. Let's start with our table salt, the sodium chloride.
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