2nd October 2019


Is almond extract clear?

Our clear, natural Pure Almond Extract has a strong, fragrant almond flavor. It's made from pure almond oil and contains no chemicals. You can also use ½ tsp. of our Pure Almond Extract to replace 1 tbsp. of almond liqueur in your recipes.

In this way, what can be used as a substitute for almond extract?

Answer: The most common substitute for almond extract is vanilla extract. The almond has a much stronger flavor, so you generally use up to twice as much vanilla. If the recipe already has significant vanilla flavoring in it, you can leave it out.

Is almond extract bad for nut allergies?

Any almond extract product with those ingredients is not safe for someone with tree nut allergy. Almond extract made from peach and/or apricot pits will not be labeled "pure," and will not have almonds or almond oil listed as ingredients. Instead, the ingredients likely will list "natural almond flavor."

Is there a difference between almond extract and almond essence?

The principal difference between the two is that while almond extract is obtained directly from pure almonds, almond essence is synthetic. Since almond essence is made artificially, it is therefore cheaper compared to pure almond extract.
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