2nd October 2019


Is acetone polar or non polar?

Acetone is another molecular material with both polar and nonpolar characteristics. Here acetone has been added to water (left tube) and carbon tetrachloride (right tube). As you can see, it has mixed with both the polar water molecules and with the nonpolar carbontetrachloride molecules.

Simply so, what does polar aprotic mean?

The lack of hydrogen bonding in the solvent means that these nucleophiles are relatively “free” in solution, making them more reactive. For our purposes these solvents do not participate in the reaction. Polar protic solvents. Polar protic solvents tend to have high dielectric constants and high dipole moments.

Is DMSO aprotic?

Polar aprotic solvents are solvents that lack an acidic hydrogen. Consequently, they are not hydrogen bond donors. These solvents generally have intermediate dielectric constants and polarity. Other solvents meeting IUPAC's criteria include DMF, HMPA, and DMSO.
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