2nd October 2019


Is acetone hydrophobic?

How hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules interact differently with water. (A) Because acetone is polar, it can form favorable electrostatic interactions with water molecules, which are also polar. Thus, acetone readily dissolves in water.

Beside this, is Acetone is soluble in water?

Acetone is a polar substance due to the carbonyl group (like dissolve like). While larger organic compounds are usually hydrophobic despite having polar groups, acetone is small enough to be soluble in water. It is also capable of making hydrogen bonds with water since there's a lone pair on the carbonyl oxygen.

What is miscible in water?

The term is most often applied to liquids, but applies also to solids and gases. Water and ethanol, for example, are miscible because they mix in all proportions. By contrast, substances are said to be immiscible if there are certain proportions in which the mixture does not form a solution.
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