3rd December 2019


Is acetone and water miscible?

Acetone's dipole moment is 2.91D while that of ether is only 1.15D. Water is a very polar substance, so acetone will dissolve in it while ether will not. If A and A have much stronger attraction than A and B the substances are less likely to be miscible.

Correspondingly, what is miscible with water?

Miscible is a fancy word for "mixable." You may have heard that oil and water are not very miscible substances, whereas seltzer and orange juice are miscible and delicious! Miscible is a word used by chemists to explain why some liquids mix together well, while others do not.

What is an example of a miscible liquid?

When a distinct layer does form in a mixed solution, this is called immiscibility. For example, a type of immiscible liquid is oil and water. When mixed together, oil will essentially 'sit on top' of water, resulting in the formation of a very noticeable layer.
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