3rd December 2019


Is AB dominant over a?

As you undoubtedly know, there is no AO or BO blood type. This is because A and B are dominant over O. What this means is that an AO blood type looks like A in a blood test and a BO like B. As a side note you may have noticed that the AB blood type is made up of an A version (or allele) of the ABO gene and a B version.

Furthermore, is AB blood type dominant over O?

Therefore, the blood type is A. Both A and B alleles are dominant over O. As a result, individuals who have an AO genotype will have an A phenotype. People who are type O have OO genotypes. Therefore, if an A is inherited from one parent and a B from the other, the phenotype will be AB.

Can a child with AB blood type have a parent with O blood?

Each biological parent donates one of their two ABO alleles to their child. A mother who is blood type O can only pass an O allele to her son or daughter. A father who is blood type AB could pass either an A or a B allele to his son or daughter.

Is blood type AB dominant or recessive?

The O allele however, is recessive to both the A and B allele. Therefore, a person possessing both A and O alleles will have a blood type of A. Likewise, a person with both B and O alleles will be blood type B because B is dominant, and therefore, masks the O allele.
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