2nd October 2019


Is a port scan illegal?

Even if an ISP does not explicitly ban unauthorized port scanning, they might claim that some “anti-hacking” provision applies. Of course this does not make port scanning illegal. Many perfectly legal and (in the United States) constitutionally protected activities are banned by ISPs.

In this way, what is a port scan attack?

A port scan attack, therefore, occurs when an attacker sends packets to your machine, varying the destination port. The attacker can use this to find out what services you are running and to get a pretty good idea of the operating system you have. Most Internet sites get a dozen or more port scans per day.

How does an Nmap scan work?

Nmap sends TCP and UDP packets to the target machine and then it examines the response by comparing the result with the database. The Nmap operating system discovery technique is slightly slower then the scanning techniques because OS detection involves the process of finding open ports.

What is a SYN scan used for?

SYN scanning is a tactic that a malicious hacker (or cracker) can use to determine the state of a communications port without establishing a full connection. This approach, one of the oldest in the repertoire of crackers, is sometimes used to perform denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
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