21st November 2019


Is a cloud alive?

Clouds are alive with tiny bacteria that grab up water vapor in the atmosphere to make cloud droplets, especially at warmer temperatures, a new study shows. The water droplets and ice crystals that make up clouds don't usually form spontaneously in the atmosphere — they need a solid or liquid surface to collect on.

Consequently, is hair living or non living?

As one of the Quick Reads in this unit explains, hair and fingernails are not alive, but they are considered living things because they are part of a living thing. Similar differences should be noted between the terms non- living and dead.

Is a Light a living thing?

Plants do not grow in the absence of light, water and air. Non-living things do not feel. They are not affected by any changes around them.

Is a volcano a living thing?

No, volcanoes are not living things. Although they appear to possess some of the characteristics of living things such as growth and breathing out waste gases, they do not possess all the characteristics. For example, volcanoes are not make of cells.
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