6th October 2019


How thick is 24pt paper?

Explaining Paper Thickness vs. Weight. Cover/Card Stock varies in thickness and weight. For example, a 10 pt card is 0.010 inches (0.254 mm) thick (roughly corresponding to a weight of 250 grams per square meter); a 12 pt card is 0.012 inches (0.3048 millimeters).

So, what is 250gsm paper?

GSM is an acronym standing for 'Grams per Square Meter'. Quite simply, it allows print buyers and print suppliers to know exactly about the quality of paper that is being ordered. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper.

How thick is a piece of paper in inches?

Thickness of a Piece of Paper
Bibliographic EntryResult (w/surrounding text)Standardized Result
Common Paper Sizes. papershops.com."Copy paper is about 0.004 inches thick"0.1 mm

How thick is a piece of paper?

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has done some awesome maths over at ABC Science Online with a standard A4 sheet of paper, measuring about 300 mm long and 0.05 mm thick: "The first time you fold it in half, it becomes 150 mm long and 0.1 mm thick. The second fold takes it to 75 mm long and 0.2 mm thick.
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