11th December 2019


How saliva is secreted?

Salivary Glands and Saliva. Saliva is produced in and secreted from salivary glands. The basic secretory units of salivary glands are clusters of cells called an acini. These cells secrete a fluid that contains water, electrolytes, mucus and enzymes, all of which flow out of the acinus into collecting ducts.

Accordingly, is salivation sympathetic or parasympathetic?

Production. The production of saliva is stimulated both by the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic. The saliva stimulated by sympathetic innervation is thicker, and saliva stimulated parasympathetically is more watery.

How salivation is regulated?

Regulation of salivary gland function by autonomic nerves. Reflex salivary flow occurs at a low 'resting' rate and for short periods of the day more intense taste or chewing stimuli evoke up to ten fold increases in salivation. The secretion of salivary fluid and proteins is controlled by autonomic nerves.
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