4th October 2019


How ripples are formed?

Bi-directional ripples are rarely symmetrical due to the difference in force of the two directions, where as the wave formed or oscillation ripples form from the circular water movement pattern of water molecules. These ripples form parallel to the shore line. They usually display rounded troughs and rounded crests.

Similarly, how are the flute cast formed?

Sole marks are sedimentary structures found on the bases of certain strata that indicate small-scale (centimeter-scale) grooves or irregularities. Scour marks and Flute casts are scours dug into soft, fine sediment which typically get filled by an overlying bed (hence the name cast).

What causes ripples on the surface of the water?

When the wind blows across a lake, or a pebble is thrown into a lake, you may see water ripples moving across the surface of the water. These ripples are called capillary waves. This collision of water ripples to create new wavelength patterns is called interference.

How do interference ripples form?

Interference Ripples are a type of sedimentary structure made up of two sets of ripples formed at right-angles to each other as a result of there being two dominant paleocurrents. These ripples may be formed in the beds of intermittent streams.
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