7th December 2019


How polymers are built and how they are broken down?

Polymers are broken down into monomers via hydrolysis reactions, in which a bond is broken, or lysed, by addition of a water molecule. This is the reverse of a dehydration synthesis reaction, and it releases a monomer that can be used in building a new polymer.

Thereof, how monomers and polymers are related?

Polymers are formed when thousands of monomers join together form long chains and networks. Monomers are the fundamental unit of a polymer. One polymer can be formed from either one monomer or a number of monomers reacted together.

How do monomers and polymers relate to macromolecules?

Most macromolecules are made from single subunits, or building blocks, called monomers. The monomers combine with each other using covalent bonds to form larger molecules known as polymers.
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