2nd October 2019


How often should you change your pad during your period?

On your heavier days, you may need a more absorbent pad and on our lighter flow days a less absorbent one will do. No matter how heavy your flow is though, you should change your pad at least every 3 or 4 hours so you don't end up with an odor from bacteria that can grow in the blood. Yuck! As often as you need to.

Hereof, how do you know if the tampon is full?

The best way to know if your tampon needs changing is to give a light tug on the tampon string, if it starts to pull out easily then it's time to change, if not, it usually means you can leave it a bit longer. Just remember with tampons, 4 hours is about right, and don't leave one in for more than 8 hours.

How often should you change a tampon if you have a heavy flow?

To make sure you stay fresh, it's best to change your tampon roughly every four hours. You might need to change more often if you have a heavy flow, and never leave your tampon in for more than eight hours. 93% of girls found this content helpful.

Are tampons more comfortable than pads?

Unlike tampons, pads aren't associated with toxic shock syndrome. They can, however, still put you at risk for other infections if not changed at a reasonable rate. You should change tampons every four to eight hours, and pads (unless they're overnight pads) should be changed every three to four hours.
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