16th June 2020


How much was UFC originally bought for?

UFC was launched in 1993 and purchased for just $2 million in 2001 by casino operators Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta. Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said it was nearly bankrupt and "literally going of business" at the time.

Also to know is, how much did Dana White make from selling UFC?

In 2016, White and his business partners sold a majority stake in UFC to WME for $4 billion. White reportedly made $360 million off the deal, and inked a contract to remain president of UFC for an undisclosed — but likely high — salary.

One may also ask, how much is the UFC worth 2020?

18, 2020, certainly is worth a lot of cash – about $120 million, according to a recent estimate by Forbes.

How much do UFC refs make per fight?

On average, a UFC referee will earn about $500 per match. For big profile fights, referees can earn up to about $2,000, such as Big John McCarthy's purse of $1,900 for Aldo vs McGregor. It is more common for referees to earn only $300 per fight, as they can ref several matches in one night.

How much does McGregor make per fight?

According to Forbes, McGregor got a base salary of $3million for the UFC 229 bout with Khabib but the record PPV buys and other endorsements helped push his total take home pay to more than $50million.
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