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How much was a pound worth in 1776?

Using constant 2002 dollars, 0.049 USD(1776) = 1 USD(2002) = 1.266USD(2011), so the model would estimate that $1 in 1776 would yield a value of $22.22 in 2002, which would then yield 28.13 in 2011 when adjusted for inflation using the same conversion estimates. http://oregonstate.edu/cla/polis

Furthermore, how much is a pound worth in the 1800s?

(3) Pound Sterling (Col. 1) adjusted by C.P.I. (Col. 2). In 1800 one British Pound was worth $4.44 (U.S.). In 1988 terms, after adjusting for inflation, the 1800 Pound would be worth $30.62 (U.S.).

What was a lot of money in medieval times?

The other currency used was that of a promise, which was used in large-scale transactions. The most common coin throughout the middle ages was the small silver penny (pfennig) or denarius. During that period, there was also the pound, which was 20 schillings and a schilling, which was 12 pence.

What was the currency in Middle Ages?

The standard unit of currency since medieval times has been the pound (£). A pound was 20 shillings (s), and a shilling was 12 pence (d, for denarius or the Roman penny), so a pound also was equivalent to 240 pence.
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