2nd November 2019


How much liquid egg is equivalent to one egg?

One egg equals 1/4 cup egg substitute. You can almost always replace substitute with real eggs, but the reverse is not necessarily true. Some egg substitutes are egg whites with added ingredients for color or texture.

Beside this, how many eggs is one egg white?

If you are using a measuring cup, assume that eight egg whites are equal to 12 egg yolks. Both are equal to 1 cup. Substitute two egg whites for one whole egg.

How many ml is one large egg white?

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Measuring Egg
1 egg yolk1 tbsp - 1 oz -15 ml
1 egg white2 tbsp - 1 oz - 30 ml
8 to 10 egg whites1 cup - 240 ml
12 yolks1 cup - 240 ml

How many ounces are in an egg white?

One large egg weighs 50 grams, which is about 2 ounces.
By volume, one large egg is 1/4 cup, which is also 2 ounces.
IIRC, the amount of yolk and the amount of white is about half and half, so it should be one ounce for each.
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