21st October 2019


How much is the gas in London?

Company Matches
NationCityPrice in USD Regular/Gallon
United KingdomLondon$5.79

Just so, how much is a gallon of gas in the UK?

Gas prices might have breached the $4 per gallon mark in the U.S., but there won't be much sympathy for the American plight in Europe. In fact, that U.S. price of £2.52 a gallon looks highly affordable compared to the UK's current average cost of £6.22 ($9.85).

How much tax is on fuel in the UK?

Fuel Duty rates
Type of fuelRate
Petrol, diesel, biodiesel and bioethanol57.95 pence per litre
Liquefied petroleum gas ( LPG )31.61 pence per kg
Natural gas used as fuel in vehicles, for example biogas24.70 pence per kg
'Fuel oil' burned in a furnace or used for heating10.70 pence per litre

How much is fuel in America?

MU of Newbury Park asked about the price of fuel in the USA. When we were in Colorado last September, unleaded petrol was $4.59 a gallon. Taking all the conversion factors into account, including smaller US gallons, that equates to about 76 pence per litre. Currently, unleaded in the UK is about £1.40 per litre.
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