2nd October 2019


How much is small business insurance per month?

On average, the annual cost of General Liability Insurance, regardless of policy limits, was just $741 (less than $62 per month), with a median price of $428 (about $36 per month). Most small-businesses owners (54 percent) paid between $400 and $600 for their policies.

So, how much does health insurance for a small business cost?

The Average Cost of Small Business Health Insurance. In their 2016 Employer Health Benefits Survey, KFF reported that the average employer-sponsored health insurance premium was $6,435 for single coverage and $18,142 for families (per year).

Do small business owners need workers compensation?

Generally speaking, sole proprietors and partnerships aren't required to purchase workers' compensation insurance unless and until they have employees who aren't owners. Most states will allow sole proprietors and partners to cover themselves for workers' compensation if they choose to, but it isn't required.

How do you calculate workers compensation premiums?

Workers' comp insurance premiums are calculated according to how employees are classified (with regards to the specific type of work they perform) and the rate assigned to each employee classification. The premium rate itself is expressed as dollars and cents per $100 dollars of payroll for each class code.
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