2nd October 2019


How much is an oil change if I bring my own oil?

I go to a local garage and they charge me $15 I think for an oil change if I bring my own oil, including taxes, giving me a total cost of around $38. If you go to a dealership or higher end garage then you're probably looking at $25 to $30 plus the cost of your oil.

Considering this, is it really cheaper to change your own oil?

Second, to add insult to injury, changing your own oil isn't much cheaper than paying someone. 4-5 quarts of motor oil and a filter is $20. To change your own oil, you'll also need a drain pan, some tools, a couple rags, a safe way to lift your vehicle up, and perhaps something comfortable to lay on.

How do I change my own oil?

Steps for changing your oil
  1. Check the type and amount of oil needed.
  2. Get together your filter, wrenches, and other supplies.
  3. Prepare your vehicle.
  4. Locate the oil filter and drain plug.
  5. Drain the oil.
  6. Tighten the drain plug.
  7. Change the oil filter.
  8. Add the new oil.
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