21st November 2019


How much is a pound weigh?

A pound is a measurement of weight. It is equivalent to approximately .45 kilograms, 454 grams, 16 ounces, .07 stone or 2268 carats. One pound weighs one pound. It doesn't matter if it's gold, feathers, fat, muscle or water.

Furthermore, what kind of animal weighs 500 pounds?

Re: How Much Things Weight
400| Bear, Gorilla, Lion, Tiger| 200
500| Alligator, Crocodile, Grizzly Bear| 250
4,000| Rhinoceros| 1,800
7,000| Hippopotamus, Great White Shark| 3,200

How much is 5 pounds in English money?

Currently, 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 0.78 British Pounds. Using this conversion rate, 5 British Pounds would be equivalent to around $6.40. However, these do fluctuate often as the economy go up and down. In addition, when you convert your money there will also be a fee, so keep that in mind.

How heavy is a one pound coin?

The United Kingdom £1 Coin
Issue Date21 April 1983
Weight9.5 g
CompositionNickel-Brass (70% copper, 5.5% nickel, 24.5% zinc)
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