28th November 2019


How much is a crore?

Crore is a unit in Indian numerical system which is equivalent to 10 million. So one crore Rupees is same as 10 million Rupees. This part is fixed and doesn't change with time. Next, we need to convert Rupees into Dollars - and for that we need the currency exchange rate between Rupee and Dollar.

How many dollars is one lakh rupees?

The foreign exchange rate changes every day. So it depends on when you are doing the conversion. As of today(12 April 2016), 1 dollar (1 USD) brings about 66.33 Indian rupees (INR). So, you'll get about 1500$(USD) for one lakh Indian Rupees.

How much is 1 million?

Indian Rupee - conversion by Lakhs Crores
Indian Quotation><b>Amount><b>International Quotation
10 Lakhs1,000,000.001 Million
1 Crore10,000,000.0010 Million
10 Crores100,000,000.00100 Million
100 Crores1,000,000,000.001 Billion
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