2nd October 2019


How much insurance does UPS offer?

If the value of your goods exceeds US$100.00, you can declare a higher value, up to US$50,000.00 per package, by entering the declared value in the UPS shipping system used and paying an additional charge.

What is declared value coverage?

A. Declared value is not insurance coverage. The declared value of a package represents UPS's maximum liability for the package in the case of loss or damage. If no value is declared, UPS's maximum liability for loss or damage to a package or international shipment is US$100 (or the equivalent in local currency).

Is Declared value the same as insurance ups?

UPS refers to the "insured value" as the "declared value". For shipments without a declared value, UPS' maximum liability is $100 for damages or losses at no cost. However, you can declare a higher value and purchase additional insurance with our insurance provider, Shipsurance.
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