21st October 2019


How much hotter does humidity make it feel?

When this happens, we feel hotter than the actual temperature. Likewise, very low humidity can make us feel cooler than the actual temperature. This happens because the dry air helps sweat evaporate more quickly than usual. If the temperature outside is 75° F (23.8° C), humidity can make it feel warmer or cooler.

Correspondingly, what is the difference between heat index and feels like?

"Feels Like" takes into account the temperature, humidity and wind speed. "Heat Index" uses only temperature and humidity so there could be a little difference between the two. Heat index is a measurement of how hot it really feels outside. The temperature at which these two values intersect is the heat index.

What is the world's highest heat index?

Although there are no official records, 178 degrees (81 Celsius) is the highest known heat index ever attained. It was observed in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on July 8, 2003.

Why is the heat index important?

In simplest terms, the heat index is the "feels-like" temperature, or how hot it really feels when the relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature. On a hot, humid day, less evaporation of sweat occurs, diminishing the body's ability to cool itself.
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