21st October 2019


How much does it cost to bring food to space?

Since even now it costs some $10,000 per pound or more to launch something into space, NASA is eager to cut down on the weight of payloads, which influences food.

Also, why does food have to be dehydrated in space?

Food was cooked, quickly frozen, and then dehydrated in a special vacuum chamber. Freeze-dried food didn't need to be refrigerated and would last a long time. To make most freeze-dried foods, astronauts squeeze water into the food packages and then eat the food after it absorbs the water.

What kind of food do you eat in space?

The meals are very similar to the meals we eat on Earth. Space foods are in plastic containers. Some space foods can resume their consistency by adding cold or hot water, while others can be heated up in the oven. Foods such as fruits, bread and nuts can be eaten just as they are.

How food is packaged in space?

Packaging for space food serves the primary purposes of preserving and containing the food. NASA space foods are packaged in retort pouches or employ freeze drying. They are also packaged in sealed containers which fit into trays to keep them in place.
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