2nd October 2019


How much does Federer get from Nike?

Collectively his 10 sponsors pay him an estimated $45 million annually. His 10-year Nike contract is the biggest in history of the sport worth more than $10 million a year. Federer and his long-time agent, Tony Godsick, left IMG together last year, but it has not slowed down the deal flow for the pair.

How much money does Federer give to charity?

Turns out the eighteen-time grand slam singles champion is pretty good at pulling in the funds for charity, too. Since it was launched 12 years ago, the Roger Federer Foundation has raised $40 million and donated $30 million to educational programs in southern Africa.

Who is the highest paid tennis player in the world?

View the 20 top earning tennis players of all time in the list below:
  • Novak Djokovic - $109.8m.
  • Roger Federer - $107.7m.
  • Rafael Nadal - $86.2m.
  • Serena Williams - $84.4m.
  • Andy Murray - $60.8m.
  • Pete Sampras - $43.2m.
  • Venus Williams - $37.9m.
  • Maria Sharapova - $36.5m.
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