25th November 2019


How much does a medium egg weigh in grams?

SizeMinimum mass per egg
Jumbo70 g
Extra Large63 g
Large56 g
Medium49 g

Besides, how much does 2 eggs weigh in grams?

United States of America
SizeMinimum mass per egg
Jumbo70.9 g2.5 oz.
Very Large or Extra-Large (XL)63.8 g2.25 oz.
Large (L)56.7 g2 oz.
Medium (M)49.6 g1.75 oz.

How much does a large egg weigh in grams?

Weight of One Large Egg:
In Shell = 57 grams.
Without Shell = 50 grams.
White Only = 30 grams.

How many grams are in an egg?

Medium egg (44 grams): 5.7 grams of protein. Large egg (50 grams): 6.5 grams of protein. Extra-large egg (56 grams): 7.3 grams of protein. Jumbo egg (63 grams): 8.2 grams of protein.
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