26th November 2019


How much does a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint cost?

Premium Regal Select Interior
Size: Quart: Sheen: Eggshell$17.99
Size: Quart: Sheen: Semi-Gloss$17.99
Size: Gallon: Sheen: Matte$44.99
Size: Gallon: Sheen: Eggshell$44.99

How much does a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint cover?

In general, you can expect 1 gallon of Benjamin Moore paint to cover about 400-450 square feet. You need slightly more than a gallon if the walls are unpainted drywall, which absorbs more of the paint. You also need to consider whether to paint more than one coat.

How much does it cost for a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint?

Guilford Green is available in three varieties of Benjamin Moore interior paint at different price points—Aura Interior, $68 a gallon, Regal Select Interior, $45, and Ben Interior, $37. Of the three, Aura Interior was a pick in all three sheens (satin/eggshell, flat/matte and semi-gloss) we test.
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