26th November 2019


How much does a gallon of 100ll weigh?

All grades of avgas that meet CAN 2-3, 25-M82 have a density of 6.01 lb/U.S. gal at 15 °C, or 0.721 kg/l. (6 lb/U.S. gal is commonly used for weight and balance computation.) Density increases to 6.41 lb/US gallon, or 0.769 kg/l, at -40 °C, and decreases by about 0.1% per 1 °C (1.8 °F) increase in temperature.

Also, how much is a gallon of kerosene?

Fuel Cost. The standard cost of kerosene is $2.25 per gallon. Propane costs $3.00 per gallon. When determining how much it costs to produce one million BTUs from either fuel source, kerosene has an enormous advantage, costing just $16.65.

How much does a gallon of motor oil weigh?

It heavily depends on which oil you are asking about. If it crude oil then the number is 7.2 lbs/gal +/- .2 or so according to it's API and contaminants.
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