4th December 2019


How much do trade school graduates make?

For starters, the salary isn't that much of a drop-off compared to a four year degree. SimplyHired.com estimates that a trade school graduate will make about $42,000 per year. Over the course of thirty years, the difference between that trade school graduate and the four year college graduate is only $90,000.

Do you have to pay for trade school?

While trade schools are often less expensive than four-year universities and usually offer shorter programs, they still cost money. To attend trade school, you have to pay tuition, just as you would to attend college. You can apply for loans, receive grants or even win scholarships for trade school.

Do you get a degree from a trade school?

Diploma or Certificate. Trade schools frequently offer certificates or diplomas indicating that students have completed a specific course of study. While these certifications aren't equivalent to bachelor's or associate degrees, they can help you get a job with an organization that recognizes the certification.
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