4th October 2019


How much do harp seals weigh?

Eventually, hunger motivates the pups to enter the water and start feeding on their own. Average-sized adults of both sexes measure 1.8 metres in length (6 feet). Male harp seals typically weigh 135 kg (300 pounds), females weigh 120 kg (265 pounds), and the largest adults may reach 180 kg (400 pounds).

Correspondingly, how does a seal protect itself?

Harp seals can escape into the water from land. There, they can swim away from predators. They also have sharp teeth and strong flippers to attack predators.

Are harp seals aggressive?

The behavior of a Harp Seal is nice. They usually are not to aggressive. Some people who want to save Harp Seals from being endangered go up their and spray paint them. It won't hurt them but, people won't hunt them for their fur.

How long can a harp seal stay underwater?

Harp Seals are extremely agile swimmers, able to catch a wide variety of fish and crustaceans. They can stay underwater for 15 minutes.
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