How much did it cost to buy Oak Island?

Credit: Mad Davy Kidd; used with permission. It may look like a fixer-upper at first glance, but what is buried beneath scrubby little Oak Island might just make its estimated $7 million price tag worth the investment.

Where is the treasure of Oak Island?

Oak Island is a 57-hectare (140-acre) privately owned island in Lunenburg County on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. The tree-covered island is one of about 360 small islands in Mahone Bay and rises to a maximum of 11 metres (36 feet) above sea level.

    Who is Dan Blankenship?

    Dan Blankenship. Dan is Rick and Marty's partner and is the man who knows the most about Oak Island's legends and its tightly guarded secrets. He's spent the last 49 years and an untold fortune searching, drilling and digging.

      Updated: 15th August 2018

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