How much chia seeds should you eat in a day?

They do also seem to be well tolerated but if you're not used to eating a lot of fiber, then there is a possibility of digestive side effects if you eat too much at a time. A common dosage recommendation is 20 grams (about 1.5 tablespoons) of chia seeds, twice per day.

Do chia seeds have an expiration?

The best by date is generally set at 2 years after processing by most manufacturers, so since chia seeds are good for at least 2-4 years if stored properly, this labeling generally provides for another 2 years after the best by date.
  • Can you eat raw chia seeds?

    Dry chia seeds can also be added whole or ground to smoothies and juices, mixed into yogurt or oatmeal, or sprinkled on top of a salad. If you're adding the seeds to a drink or a "wet" dish like oatmeal, they'll swell up slightly while you eat, but they'll retain a slight crunch.
  • Can you feed chia seeds to birds?

    Chia seed can be fed to your birds in a myriad of ways. The simplest way is to sprinkle some on their Chop. Soaking some of this seed and adding fresh chopped fruit, some almond milk, and some slivered nuts might entice your bird into eating it.
  • How long does ground flaxseed last in the refrigerator?

    Fresh, whole flaxseed generally lasts for up to a year in an opaque, airtight container kept in the refrigerator. In the same type of container, ground flaxseed usually lasts for about six months in the freezer. You should always keep flaxseed oil in an opaque bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

Do chia seeds in water go bad?

Usually you won't be able to tell any change in taste, until you soak the seeds and eat them. Chia seeds have no taste at all when soaked in water. But if you taste anything rancid, stale or off putting in any way, it might mean your chia seeds have gone bad. In this case you should throw it out.
  • What is the ratio of chia seeds to water?

    We recommend a 9:1 ratio (3 cups water for every 1/3 cup chia seeds) to individuals who desire a thinner gel. For example, while a 6:1 ratio creates a gel faster, a 9:1 ratio is easier to drink immediately. A chia drink goes down easier with more water and promotes hydration in the body.
  • Do chia seeds make you poop a lot?

    The incredible fiber content of chia seeds helps your digestive function and cleanse the bowel, which makes it one of the best foods for healthy bowel function. You will find that after eating chia seeds, your excrement is “perfect”, just the way shit should be.
  • How long can you keep chia seeds in water?

    Add 5 tbsp organic chia seeds to distilled water in a glass pitcher or jar. Shake once, let sit for one minute, shake again, and put in the refrigerator. Use after 8-12 hours, when it has taken on a gel-like consistency. It will keep in the fridge for up to a week.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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