2nd October 2019


How many volts are in a milliamp?

1 ampere is equal to 1000 milliamps, or 1 watt/volt.

Also, what is mV in voltage?

Volts to millivolts formula. The voltage V in millivolts (mV) is equal to the voltage V in volts (V) times 1000: V(mV) = V(V) × 1000.

What is 1 megavolt equal to?

Megavolts to volts conversion table
Megavolts (MV)Volts (V)
0.001 MV1000 V
0.01 MV10000 V
0.1 MV100000 V
1 MV1000000 V

What does mV stand for in states?

MV, the abbreviation for megavolt, or 1,000,000 volts, a measure of electrical potential. Mendelevium, a chemical element with former symbol Mv. mV, millivolt: 1/1,000 of a volt, a measure of electrical potential. mv, abbreviation for momentum in physics.
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