28th November 2019


How many units are in 1 mL of insulin?

You know that each 10 mL insulin vial contains 1000 units of insulin (100 units/mL x 10 mL/vial = 1000 units/vial), so you dispense one vial of Lantus for a one-month supply. However, since Lantus vials must be discarded after 28 days once they are in use, you enter a 28-day supply into the computer.

Just so, what size insulin syringe to use?

The 30 gauge and 31 gauge needles are shorter, measuring 5/16 inch. o VOLUME: Use 3/10cc (.3cc) syringes for up to 30 units of insulin, 1/2 cc (.5cc) syringes for up to 50 units and 1cc syringes for up to 100 units. o Your physician should advise as to the size needle to use and volume of insulin to administer.

How many cc's are in an insulin syringe?

It may be called a “0.3 ml” syringe or “0.3 cc” syringe. It is also known as an insulin syringe. Although it is labeled in “units” at the bottom of the syringe, each unit actually is one-hundredth of a milliliter (0.01 ml or 0.01 cc).

What is a calibrated syringe?

Hamilton Company offers a calibration service for precision syringes and Digital Syringes. A Certificate of Calibration is provided with the product and the procedure is performed with an unbroken chain of calibrations traceable to N.I.S.T. Calibrated precision syringes are available only at the time of purchase.
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