How many times can 10000mah charge a phone?

Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to divide the mAh of 10000mAh power bank by the mAh of your device battery. So a 10000mAh power bank can “theoretically” charge an iPhone 4s plus from 1-100% 4.1 times (10000 / 1810 = 5.5). --iphone6/6s battery capacity is 1810 mAh.

Which is the best power bank for Iphone 6?

Best power banks for iPhone 6s
  • KMASHI 10,000mAh external battery.
  • RAVPower 16,750mAh power bank.
  • Anker PowerCore mini 3,350mAh.
  • EC Technology 22,400mAh portable charger.
  • Anker Astro E1 5,200mAh.
  • Anker Astro E3 10,000mAh.
  • How does the power bank work?

    Portable Power Banks are comprised of a special battery in a special case with a special circuit to control power flow. They allow you to store electrical energy (deposit it in the bank) and then later use it to charge up a mobile device (withdraw it from the bank).
  • How thick is the Iphone se?

    The dimensions for the iPhone SE are 4.87 inches tall, 2.31 inches wide, and 0.30 inches thick. Contrast that against the iPhone 6S, which is 5.44 inches tall, 2.64 inches wide, and 0.28 inches thick. The SE measures just 0.02 inches thicker, but it's much smaller, otherwise.
  • Are power banks bad for your phone?

    Shot answer: No, it shouldn't though it could be in very rare cases. (As often as a wall charger could damage your phone). USB has +5v, and your phone is prepared to receive this voltage trough the USB port (any usb port). But if the Power Bank outputs more than 5V, it can damage anything.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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