16th June 2020


How many Tehsil are there in Khushab?

four tehsils

Also know, how many Tehsil are in Toba Tek Singh?

It is located between 30°33' to 31°2' Degree north latitudes and 72°08' to 72°48' Degree longitudes. It became a separate district in 1982.

Toba Tek Singh District
• Urban441,930
• Rural1,748,085
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Number of Tehsils4

Also Know, what is famous in Mianwali?

Kala Bagh, Mianwali
Kalabagh is famous for the Kalabagh Dam and the Nawab of Kalabagh. Red hills of the salt range on Indus River create a scenic view..

Why is Mianwali called Mianwali?

The name was changed to 'Mianwali' during this century after the name of a local saint, Mian Ali, who lived in a hamlet on the eastern bank of the river Indus (ibid). Un-till relatively recently i.e., till 1982, district Mianwali covered a much larger area as it also included Bhakkar district.
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